Time : May 7th | 2pm UTC / 21.00 WIB
Venue :
Crypto Sumatra Community Telegram Group
Speaker :
Germaine Ifudu (Co Founder of Project Inverse), Emeka Enu (co-founder of TLG and the CEO of First-Kudi and SEFA)


Q1. Please introduce yourself and your background. And may be the story on how you guys get into Project Inverse.

My name is Germaine Ifudu, I am the Co Founder of Project Inverse. Project Inverse is a counter-volatility DeFi protocol that offers users the opportunity to benefit from dips and downward moves in the crypto market.
In addition to my role in Project Inverse, I am the co founder of First Kudi, SEFA Foundation, and TLG Ventures. I have over 10 years of experience in Banking, Corporate Finance, IT and Project Management. We initially incubated Ferrum Network, and helped in delivering FRM’s success today.

My name is Emeka I am a the co-founder of TLG and the CEO of First-Kudi and SEFA. I’ve been in the space for the last 4 years as an investor, VC and product Designer. TLG helped incubate Ferrum which we brought to Market. In 2019, we designed and launched First-Kudi, a crypto-fiat platform for the African Market. My background is in pharmaceuticals. I have always been an entrepreneur by trade and I have always tried to stay at the cutting edge of technological innovations.

Q2. Can you please briefly describe what is Project Inverse and how it works?

Inverse is a counter volatility defi protocol, that allows users to earn XIV on the negative and postitive movements of select defi assets.

Inverse is live and ready to use, You can earn up to 3X Daily

We also provide staking and in the future peer to peer choices

Q3. Please tell us about the objectives that Project Inverse want to achieve in this 2021.

Here is picture of our roadmap. We are ahead of schedule.

We want Inverse to be platform where anybody in world can take advantage of the volatility of any major coin rather than buying the asset.

Crypto is very volatile

Q4. Could you please share to us about Project Inverse tokenomic model?

Great Question, as far as our token economics, its one of the best in the business. Was developed by our awesome advisors and partners. The XIV token is the only token used to interact on the Inverse Platform. There is a solid usecase for the XIV token.

Twitter Questions

Q1. I see too many opportunities and ways for users to earn XIV tokens which may increase supply circulation. Have you considered the impact of inflation? how do you keep the XIV token inflation rate stable?

That is an execellent question. There is no mint function on our smart contract and there is only 90,000,000 supply with about 10% circulating now. The tokenecomics on project inverse is solid, and is also poised for long term consistent growth.

A lot of thought and work went into it. We are thinking long term. We know this is not a sprint.

Q2. Do you agree that Volatility can also make big profits. Why do you think we need to counter volatility?

Great Question. Inverse has introduced the In-line platform that allows all XIV holders to also earn up to 3X their staked tokens. So you can earn whether the defi coins go up or down.

Q3. Adoption is one of the important factors that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors’s eyes. What did Project Inverse do and plans to do to achieve real-world adoption?

We are already providing real world adoption. For example, most people around the world may not have the funds to buy 1 ethereum to take advantage of the volatility. With our platform, you do not need to have eth to do this all you need is to stake your XIV token in the Eth Vault.😀

Q4. Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Great Question. We have several features on the Inverse Platform to encourage that. XIV has a real usecase, and users can earn rewards dailly by staking on the inverse problem. There is also the XIV LP system that rewards stakers 36% APY for LP support.

Q5. I read that one of your top priorities in 2021 is an expanding community. How do you plan to involve the community in building an inverse project? and could you share if you have any community engagement program currently or later?

Yes, we are launching a community program. Users who hold a certain amount XIV tokens will receive airdrops, APY, and allocation to projects we partner with.

Live Questions

Q1. What major partnership have you achieved and do you have any upcoming new project partners to be announced?

Great Question. As a matter of fact we jut released another partnership today. We have a lot of partnerships that benefit the XIV holders. Please visit the annoucemtn channel for more.

Q2. Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

At first we only did the Inverse platform, where users can pick on the downward movement of a coin in the tracking vaults. Now we created the In-Line Platform were users can pick coins on the upward movement.

We have Inverse and Inline staking that lets XIV holders earn up to 3X daily on the negative or positive movemnts of Defi Coins without actually holding these coins. All you need is XIV.

Q3. On moving forward through your roadmap, what are your most important next priorities/Milestone? Does Your Project have enough fundamental (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Great question. The goal now, is to continue to promote, improve the Inverse platform and continue to add more users.

Q4. Your foundation idea is very new, so it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. This must have a tricky point for you? Do you agree that the strength of the community will lead your project to grow globally?

i agree, We have to thank or partners and afvisors. project Inverse is well connected to different groups and community around the world, and anyone anywhere can use the platform.

Q5. Security is always most important for a users. Can you tell us about your platform security? Have you done any audit via any audit platform?

Great Question. Security is paramount to the work we do. Our smart contract was audited by CeritK. We also performed secondary audits on the Inverse code as well.

Q6. In how many ways or what are the ways your project generate revenue? What is the revenue model? How it can be beneficial for both investors and for project itself?

You will have to read our white paper to get the full information. We generate revenue from minimal fees users pay to stake XiV token

Q7. What is the team’s orientation and development plan for 2021 in the Defi region, why do you think Defi, this immature term, has a future? What results do you expect to achieve?

Project inverse is a true defi platform. Anyone anywhere can use the Inverse platform to earn and income for themselves. This is a breakthrough in Global Finance that is here to stay forever.

Q8. Your project has great distinctness. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?

Great Question. The team is vast and very experienced. Please visit the website to find out more about each team and advisors. And feel free to ask in our channel as well.

This is the end of live segment, and also almost the end of this AMA session with Project Inverse.

Thank you Emeka & Germaine, for spending your valuable time with us here. We wish all the best for Project Inverse!

For further information about Project Inverse can be found on :

Website : https://projectinverse.com/

Whitepaper : https://docsend.com/view/avgpqxphp3xb7g6f

Telegram : https://t.me/ProjectInverse

Twitter : https://twitter.com/inverseproject?s=11

Youtube : https://youtube.com/channel/UCltw6qnghctr268bQJgizSw

Medium : https://projectinverse.medium.com/

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